Every healing requires a death of some kind.

donovan / May 5, 2015



Every healing and transformational change in

your life requires some aspect of your self to

die so that something new within you can be

born anew. This is what “healing” is about.


What in me needs to change… needs to die so that I may be healed and find new life?”


Maybe it is the time to ask yourself this deeply probing question and have Dr. Donovan at Soul Life Solutions help you find the answer. Many people have and have found great value in Dr. Donovan’s guidance.


“I have been a patient of Dr. Donovan for many years and would highly recommend his counsel.” – Jordan Carrell


It is often said, “The obstacle becomes the path.” Said differently, “The wound becomes the way.” Chronic illness and emotional struggle is often the very process needed for you to realize your healing. It is the evidence of your healing in action. It is the evidence of your own true essence of being struggling to emerge from the transformative fires of life’s obstacles and woundings to affirm itself against the inertia and complacency of inauthentic and uncreative living. Illness may also be the consequence of years of living with the suppressive and restrictive effects of fear and persistent denial on your life. Fear, complacency and denial are powerful obstructions to you on your path of transformation and self-discovery. They must be surrendered and transformed. Your illness is often the very process needed for you to do this… for you to heal. But to do it successfully, you must be able to see the healing path presented to you by your illness and let go of those old and obstructive ways of being that need to die.

At Soul Life Solutions, I can inform and professionally guide you along your healing path through your illness process into a new level of healthful living physically, psycho-emotionally, and spiritually. The difference between Soul Life Solutions consulting and other forms of “Life Coaching,” is realized in my forty plus years of clinical experience as a Naturopathic Primary Care Physician and Registered Nurse combined with eleven years of formal training in Western Mystical Traditions. Because of my combined experience and years of clinical practice, I can not only guide you through your illness process psycho-emotionally, spiritually and mythologically, but I can also offer educated guidance in the use of various nutritional and natural therapies, medical diagnostic procedures, and laboratory interpretation if needed.

Listen to Dr. Donovan’s interview with Hay House Publishing regarding his newest book:

FORTY YEARS OF SACRED SPACE: Life Lessons from A Doctor’s Notebook

For a free ten minute consult with Dr. Donovan to see if Soul Life Solutions counseling is right for you or to set up a personal or phone appointment, please call (206) 525-8015.  

To learn more about Dr. Donovan and his professional experience and qualifications see these links: 

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