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Life Lessons from a Doctor’s Notebook

On sale now at Balboa Books or by calling University Health Clinic US$12.99.

After forty-three years in the sacred space of caring for patients, Dr. Donovan shares his observations and thoughts about illness and healing in his newest book, Forty Years Of Sacred Space. He believes illness serves us by acting as life’s transformative process. As such, the journey through our illness may be precisely the very experiential journey we need to realize our healing and ourselves more fully. After all, we don’t “get” cancer, for instance. We are our cancer. Cancer, like any illness, is a process. It is our process and it arises out of our own tissues and cellular make up. To rid our self of our cancer is to rid our self of a part of our self. Instead of thinking about illness as something we “get,” something separate from ourselves needing to be removed or defeated, Dr. Donovan thinks we might well do better viewing our illness as a transformational journey that must be undertaken and completed for our healing to emerge. We can’t get rid of our selves but we can transform ourselves and our illness provides us with that opportunity for transformation. Our illness allows us our healing.

Patients do not come to the doctor solely be cured; they come to be Known. The “real medicine” that heals each one of us on the deepest of levels is not found in a pill, a food, or an exercise alone. It is found in the discovery of ourselves made possible through our healing journey. Viewing our illness as such a journey, the “true job” of a health care provider then must be as an educated, intelligent and compassionate guide directing us through the chaos of our illness into the new order of wellness awaiting us at the completion of our healing journey. In Forty Years of Sacred Space, Dr. Donovan offers us this guidance:

He provides an understanding as to why illness might be an important part of our lives and how it can be appreciated as the facilitator of our healing and personal growth.

He teaches us that the “real medicine” that heals each one of us on the deepest of levels is found in the discovery of who we are and why we are here and living the truth of that discovery fully in our lives.

He demonstrates how we can change the existing paradigm of health care from one of treating the illness to one of treating the person who has the illness.

He offers an understanding of how our deeper psycho-emotional issues can arise in our tissues as disease.

He teaches us how to discover the source of our illness story and its underlying psycho-emotional issues hidden in the signs, symptoms and pathology of our illness.

He gives us tools for navigating our journey through our illness into healing.

He reacquaints us to the importance of illness and death in our lives as transformational catalysts for greater life and healing.




A Guide to Self-Identity and Healing

Available for purchase via Amazon.com or by calling University Health Clinic US$24.95

“Who are you and why are you here? Why is anyone or anything ‘here’, living in this world, this universe? Better yet, why is there anything at all, even a ‘here’? Life forms come and go, eventually to be lost to the dark abyss of the evolutionary obsolete. Even you and your loved ones come and go, each a mere microsecond on the time line of eternity. It all seems so useless, so meaningless! But why is it so?”

In The Face of Consciousness: A Guide to Self-identity and Healing, Dr. Donovan, with the help of Dr. Joiner-Bey, attempts to answer these questions by presenting a unifying theory of creation, life and the transformational process of healing. This unifying theory is predicated upon the primary theme of self-realized identity. It is based on the properties of living systems, as described by modern physicists, biologists, philosophers and mystics. The fabric of this theory is woven from parallel threads of evidence based on the mystical traditions and scientific evidence pinpointing consciousness as the fundamental phenomenon (the “Materia Prima”) of life and the conclusion that the primal driving force of life (its “raison d’etre”) is its “sacred quest” for a sense of its own identity i.e., a realization of itself through the experience of itself.

The Face of Consciousness offers a new perspective on consciousness and its manifestation as life. It proposes a theory that explains the “why” of creation and life and defines the transformational process of healing in a way in which it can be practically applied to one’s life enabling one to transcend death and transform illness into greater life. The Face of Consciousnesness was one of five finalists in the 2007 Nexus Books Awards.




Resurrecting Divine Sexuality Through Profound Relatedness


Now out of print but PDF is available for purchase and download at Dr. Donovan’s web page after 5/20/15.

This book is written to reintroduce and reintegrate the erotic and sensual into the spiritual experience of each individual who reads it. The patriarchal-dominant, Judeo-Christian culture from which most of us in the “Western” world have gotten our spiritual guidance, has exiled the erotic and sensual experience of profound relatedness from the spiritual realm to sex and the “sins of the flesh” leaving most of us impotent and passionless in our relationship with The Divine. Instead of passionately and sensually engaging The Divine as a lover engages his or her beloved, we are taught to engage God the Father as an obedient child, ever in fear of his divine retribution and stern reprimands. And what of God the Mother; where is she? She too has been exiled by the powerful patriarchy! Only she has been exiled to nature and, as we well know, nature is corrupt for its “desires of the flesh” were the cause of man’s fall from paradise and “original sin”. Such guilt! Such repression! Such a sterile, spiritual emptiness this cultural doctrine has left us with. Where is the juiciness and sensuality of life; the warmed-womb security and soft, wet kiss of our beloved’s lips upon the pale, white skin of our desire? They are here with us in the sexual experience of profound relatedness if we are willing to be a lover and erotically engage the world as though it were our beloved and dance. This book will give its readers a template from which they can develop their own particular dance step and dance with their beloved—with The Divine.

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