donovan / May 26, 2015


“People seldom refuse help if one offers it in the right way.” –

A. C. Benson


At Soul Life Solutions, I seldom refuse good help when it is offered in the right way. Below you will find some of the most skilled associates that offer their help in the right way when it comes to assisting me and guiding you through your transformational journey.



Shonagh Home

Shonagh Home is a shamanic practitioner who weaves mystical wisdom practices into her therapeutic work with clients. She works with the archetype of the owl, a being that sees in the dark. With the help of that archetype Shonagh delves deeply into the shadow self, exploring the early woundings that form many of the patterns which direct the course of one’s life. With her razor sharp ability to hone in on the causative factors that are behind the issue at hand, Shonagh opens the client to the rich territory of their inner landscape. When the deeper layers beneath the surface story of one’s life are revealed, the “aha” is felt and the spells of misperception are broken. This enables the seeker to make the necessary changes that will create harmony and balance.  

Shamanic healing practices that address deep-seeded wounds are also utilized in this work and they include soul retrieval, guided journey, energy medicine, sound healing and other modalities. Sessions are unique to the individual needs of the client.

Ultimately, this is the work of “know thyself.” Until we can perceive the inner workings of the soul we are run by our own unconscious forces. It is these unconscious forces that are behind life challenges such as illness and other misfortunes. We can’t heal or correct what we cannot or will not see. Profound life shifts are made possible through fearless and unorthodox exploration. Staying curious and open-minded is essential to this process. The seeker is rewarded with a newfound ability to see and navigate with clarity and wisdom. From this place of empowerment, everything is possible.




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