donovan / May 6, 2015

Your Life Story Is Your Path




Your life “unfolds” your story

as your story “becomes” your path and who you are.


Your life’s story is all you will ever have that is fully yours and no one else’s.

It becomes you as it reveals your path!


Deeply embedded in the history of your life, is a pattern or series of patterns that define your particular path of self-discovery and self-transcendence. These patterns are revealed through your life story: your actions and reactions to various events; your relationships; your family history; the decisions you have made; the directions you have taken; and the obstacles or trials you have faced and so forth. Taken together, they are the signature or fingerprint that reveals who you are in this life and what you are to contribute as an individualized expression of the Greater Whole we call God. The direction of your path and the way in which you are to serve life can be revealed through that fingerprint if you take the time to explore the pattern carefully. Often, the counsel of another such as a wise elder or counsellor, can help immensely to bring your focus in on particular patterns you may not be seeing as clearly as you think. A wise counsellor can often ask the “right” questions to guide you into personal realization of what is hampering you on your healing path and what is supporting you.

When I was nineteen years old, I was so curious as to why I was here. I felt I had a definite reason for being here, something I had to do… something I had to give to the world. But I didn’t know what that was. I already had an art scholarship but walked out on it. I then started at Ohio State University with the hopes of a degree in philosophy but left in the midst of campus riots. I felt awkward in this world as though I didn’t fit in anywhere. Yet, it all seemed so familiar to me as though I had been here many times before. Passions brewing and wanderlust nipping at my feet, I flew off to Ireland and wandered with my back pack for a time, totally free. No answers there. No clear direction found. I came home and began working to make some money while deciding what I was going to do with my life. On the “coincidental” advice of a friend, I took a job in an inner city emergency room as an orderly and began training as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). I decided every philosopher and artist needed some kind of a job to support their creative habits. It was at this time, still nineteen and confused, I met my Ruthie.

Ruthie was an astrologer, counsellor, and wise elder. She was in her nineties for at least the next twenty years I knew her. On a suggestion of yet another friend, I went to see her for her counsel. Souls recognize souls when they see each other. This was a reunion. I kept telling her of my dream to be an artist and philosopher. She kept asking me about my work in the hospital. I told her of a male nurse with whom I was working and his suggestion to me that I look into nursing as a future. Though I had little interest in becoming a nurse, Ruthie was intrigued with this possibility as though she could see something in it I couldn’t see. She kept reminding me of how nursing would be a great way to support my painting and philosophizing habits as they weren’t making me any money. Sure, I thought, that makes sense. So I became a registered nurse, of course, just to support my habits.

As the years moved on, Ruthie became my “go to” on everything. She asked me just the right questions at the right times, questions I thought were ridiculous in the moment because they just weren’t relevant to what I thought was my path. When I was proclaiming my self an artist, she was asking me about my healing skills, my experiences with patients, and the possibility of becoming a doctor. When I was chattering on philosophically about life, she was asking me about my insights into consciousness and the human condition as it struggled with illness. She encouraged me to write about it. She invited me into the Gnostic and Western Mystical teachings I studied for eleven years. She helped see the truly relevant unfolding patterns in my own life, the ones I was missing. As it turned out, she was right in her guidance. I am a doctor now and have written books about consciousness and the human condition as it struggles through illness. I was here to be a healer, writer, teacher and SHE saw it.

We all need a Ruthie in our lives who listens with a trained, experienced, and compassionate ear and who can see the pattern of our life and witness our story for us when we may be missing it. By compassionate listening and witnessing, a good counsellor can ask the “right” questions and guide us to see the relevant patterns that tell us who we are and why we are here.

When you are willing to explore the patterns of your life and ask the questions of identity and purpose—”Who am I?”—”Why am I here?”—at every moment, in every new situation and then live the answers courageously, compassionately and authentically in spite of the many obstacles and trials life may bring to you, you are walking your path of self-discovery and self-affirmation. Living in this manner is living a life of healing and transformation. It is living a life of sovereignty.

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  1. Tami says:

    This is a beautiful post in which I can feel the power of healing through being witnessed. I’m starting to see path as invisible threads and soul connections all weaving together into a story, ancient and new. We all need a Ruthie in our lives to help us see what is right in front of us. Your work is inspiring – like a lantern and a sword.

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