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Road to change and business career path as a rising highway with a question mark on a blue summer sky and grass representing financial direction guidance and looking for answers.

Who am I?    Why am I here?    What is my life about?


Why do I feel so alone?


These are primal, nagging questions of the soul that haunt us every day! They are questions of identity, meaning and purpose that are bound closely to the beginning of self-awareness. They are also the questions hidden in most all illness processes needing to be answered for healing to be realized. They are the questions that initiate life’s great journey, your great healing journey, the mythological “Hero’s Journey.”

Every human being, more so, every sentient being arriving upon the threshold of self-consciousness must inevitably face these questions. Answering them truthfully demands wholehearted and profound introspection and the willingness and fortitude to live authentically, manifesting and experiencing the answers fully in your life every day. This is NOT easy! Discovering the answers is not a singular, momentary revelational event. It is the activity of life itself! You live this continual query as a state of consciousness, a state of being and becoming where you are ever watchful for and receptive to the answers as they unfold in your life.

The asking and answering of these questions is a dynamic, ever-evolving process that unfolds the story of your life. It is the process that becomes the ultimate healing journey of your life. It moves you away from the entropic death of nonbeing, stagnation, and redundancy and instead propels you through the transformational death of resurrection into new order, healing, integration, and evolvement. Your life’s journey is a journey of self-awareness, self-affirmation, self-transformation and healing. Through my work at Soul Life Solutions consulting, I will work with you on a personal level to help you answer these questions for yourself as they apply in your own life and your struggle with illness and dark times of change where your life feels as though it is forever caught in chaos and going nowhere.

Chronic Illness And The Way To Healing

When you are bold enough to walk the path of self-discovery and self-transcendence, you are healed and transformed. But when that path is not being fully lived, when aspects of your true creative nature have been denied their full expression throughout your life, chronic illness can result.

Chronic illness is often the evidence of your Essential Self, your own true creative essence of being, struggling to emerge from the transformative fires of your life’s chaotic struggles and affirm itself against the inertia and complacency of inauthentic and uncreative living. Illness is often the consequence of the suppressive and restrictive effects of fear and persistent denial on your life. Fear, complacency and denial are powerful obstacles on your path of healing, transformation and self-discovery. They must be worked through and transformed to fulfill your path. Ironically, illness commonly offers us the very tools and process needed for us to do so.

When experiencing a chronic illness, if the right questions are asked revealing the obstacles to your transformational journey and the path to healing, illness can be your best teacher. Surprisingly, illness is commonly the result of your life’s continual struggle to grow, transform, and evolve itself into greater complexity and integration against the degenerating and entropic effects of complacency . Therefore, illness should not be eliminated, “cut out” or denied. It is a process of life that should be explored, understood and experienced because within it lays the answer to your healing and the direction of your path of self-discovery and self-transcendence. Within it lies the death that leads to new life.

Every healing requires a death of some kind. What are you willing to let die so that something new can be born?


The pattern of your symptoms and the nature of the underlying illness causing those symptoms can reveal your path to healing and the theme of your internal struggle for self-realization and self-affirmation. Your symptoms can also reveal what needs to die so your healing can emerge. Therefore, besides pursuing the most effective and health-promoting therapies when you are faced with a chronic illness, it is also important to find and work with an experienced professional who can interpret the emotional pattern of your symptoms and the transformative story behind your illness. Such a professional, like myself at Soul Life Solutions, can then assist you in discovering your path to healing hidden within your illness process and guide you through that process into greater self-realization and self-transformation. This is what Soul Life Solutions is all about. It is all about discovering and affirming your path to healing and your true creative self.

Illness is the heroic journey that should be experienced, passed through and transformed into health. Through your illness, you can discover and dissolve the illusions that have denied the full expression of your creative vital force and essential self-affirmation. Through illness, you can be reborn anew and made ‘whole’ again.

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